Monday, November 25, 2013

Dawn Whitelaw at Dot Courson Workshops - October 2014

Love the new Mississippi "Celebrating Mississippi's Creative Culture" license plates with the image of a guitar. So I made my tag personalized this year with a nod to "Plein Air" Mississippi! 

Plein Air News for October 2013---Dawn Whitelaw Workshop at Dot Courson Workshops in October. 

The photos below are from Dawn's classes in our backyard and also in Stafford Park in Pontotoc, MS:
Elaine Shields of Tuscaloosa, AL

Donna McVey and Beth Lloyd  of Jackson, MS and Dianne Agnew of Collinsville.

Dawn with Bekah Haslett.
The group watching Dawn Whitelaw do a demo in our backyard.:

We had a ball!  Here are more pictures from Dawn Whitelaw's workshop with 16 artists form around the south painting in Pontotoc, MS!
Karen Bennett of Kokomo, MS

Offie Oaks of Kosciusko, MS

Susan Patton of Bruce, MS

Debbie High of Lumberton, MS 

Linda Dees of Canton, MS

Dawn will be returning in August, 2014 to teach a portrait class. For more info on that workshop CLICK HERE. 

Other news:

 My backyard painting of Backlit Trees won an honorable mention awarded by California artist Peggy Kroll Roberts in Nashville in October. To see me painting it on my blog CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dot Courson Show and Workshop with South Mississippi Art Association

South Mississippi Art Association is hosting an art show with Mississippi artist Dot Courson who will be teaching the group oil painting on September 13-14.

A solo show and art reception will be at Plum Gift Shop on Saturday September 14 at 5 PM. The shop is located at 134 Front Street. Check HERE for map.
Here is a sample of Dot Courson's plein air paintings in this special show at A Gallery:

Lake Cove 8x10 Oil ©Dot Courson

Lakeside Tree 16x16 Oil ©Dot Courson

Coon Trap (My Garden)  30x30 Oil ©Dot Courson

Sweet Home Alabama 12x30 Oil ©Dot Courson

Relic 12x16 Oil ©Dot Courson

Spring Fields II 6x6 OIl 

Across the River 9x12 Oil ©Dot Courson
©Dot Courson
Little Lagoon Sunset 8x10 ©Dot Courson

Speaks to Me 20x24 Oil ©Dot Courson

To The Grove 6x8 Oil ©Dot Courson
Coosa River Demo 12x16 Oil  ©Dot Courson
Through the Gate 24x30 Oil ©Dot Courson

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Artists and Mississippi Plein Air Events

This site is dedicated to painting en plein air in Mississippi. 

 “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” 
Chief Seattle - Native American (1780-1866)

The new goal of this blog going forward is to allow communication and announcements of open plein air events or open invitational artist gatherings... and to celebrate painting in beautiful Mississippi. This is for announcing events  not covered in my personal art blog.

The best type of painting is when friends are nearby. Anyone is welcome to make invitational announcements in comments section below. Send me links to your blog link if you have an open out-of-state plein air group too.

Trying to promote plein air painting here, so no closed group information or "small members only" or "by invitation only" groups please. Workshop announcements are fine. Why? Because in my opinion there are so few artists painting in plein air that we need to all play together.

Happy Painting!

Judy Ferguson

Susan Patton

Carolyn Watson, Alycia Stegall, Dru Jolly, Bob Boyd
Noel Harris

Kay Heller
Bob Boyd Alicia Stegall, Carolyn Watson
Mississippi Landscape Scenery. Photo©Dot  Courson

Mississippi Sunset. Photo©Dot Courson

Sonny Boatman, volunteer of Corinth Artist Guild Gallery... He doesn't paint, but is a champion of plein air painters in Mississippi.